The Little State with the Big Voice

New Hampshire: AKA the small state in the northeast corner of the United States that only receives recognition during presidential elections. I am a proud resident of the 603. I will say that the past four years I have lived in New York have somewhat dulled my pride but New Hampshire has been a buzz word this election cycle, and I am happy that the rest of the country can finally see our worth again.

NH only has 4 votes in the Electoral College. We are not Florida (29) or Pennsylvania (20), but nonetheless, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have spent time and money trying to sway New Hampshire voters in their favor. NH has voted democratically in five the past six presidential elections, but in those elections the democrats only won by about 4%. NH is surrounded by blue states, although the majority of voters in NH are registered as republicans.

Trump took the ticket in NH during the primary elections – NH is the first state to vote, but Bernie won over the democrats. It is possible that the Vermont Bernie supporters bled into the Granite State. It will be interesting to see how NH Bernie fans will vote – and if they’ll turn up to vote at all.

As a college student in New York my vote counts more in New Hampshire. A vote is a vote, and yes, it is important to partake in democracy, but a vote is a whole lot more meaningful when your desired candidate wins in a swing state. New York is blue state and NH (as of November 7, 2016 at 3:00 PM) is a yellow state, which Fox News has declared a “toss-up.” My prediction is that Hillary will win New Hampshire, and she will win by more than 4%.

It is important to vote, we’ve heard it time and time again. As a college student who lives in New York most of the year, I will take advantage of the NH address on my license until my parents kick me out. I know that New Hampshire may not be the biggest or most important swing state, but thank you for indulging my New Hampshire pride filled post.


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