Step 1. Find the Fitness Center

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It took me two weeks into my freshman year to realize that I needed to find the fitness center. Utilizing the campus gym is a great way to look good and feel good. Colleges and universities across the country use their facilities to set themselves apart, and look more attractive to perspective students. Find your school’s fitness center and get to work. Here are some healthy habits that all college students should try.

Change up your workout. Muscle memory can be a great thing, and a not so great thing. In order to see results while working out, one must “shock” their muscles. Your body will hit a plateau if you do the same workout overtime you go to the gym. Mixing up your gym sessions not only gives your body the change needed to build stamina, but it also makes working out a little more exciting. Work out a different area of your body each time you go to the gym; Mondays, try working out your abs, and Tuesdays strengthen your legs.

Stretch before and after you exercise. This is perhaps the most important step in any gym trip and should be done for about 5 minutes on either side of a workout. The older we get, the more important, otherwise, our muscles are too tight and are subject to injury.

Utilize a rest day. It’s not healthy to go to the gym seven days a week; you should aim to have a rigorous workout three to four days each week. Muscles need rest in order to get bigger and stronger. After a workout, the body works to replace and repair damaged muscle tissues. These replacement fibers increase thickness, which is what makes them bigger. The tearing of muscles is also why we feel that ache in the days following a good workout.

Choose to be around people who care, and are also interested in improving their health. Sometimes the hardest part about going to the gym is getting there. It’s easy to blowoff, but it’s easy to be motivated when you have a group of friends to workout with. Make it a part of your day. Try to find an hour in your day, and coordinate a time to take a trip to the gym, that way, you have an obligation to yourself and your friend.

Working out is a great way to stay in shape, blow off some steam and take a break from college life. If it’s too difficult to go to the gym and workout on your own, the Hofstra gym also offers a variety of group exercise classes five days per week!



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