A Day in the Life of an Intern

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The word intern was once a word associated with running around, getting coffee, picking up dry cleaning and constant stress. Today, an internship is what sets those apart in their dream field. This semester, I have been interning at Sesame Workshop in Manhattan and yes, it is as cute as it looks! When I came into college, I dreaded the idea of interning. Three internships later and I can honestly say it has helped me prepare for my future and learn about my field of study.

Interning is the best way to make connections, learn about the industry and ultimately, build your resume. Interning during the school year, or even during the summer gives you a leg up on the competition when it comes time to finding a job after graduation.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Most internships allow you to work closely with a manger, who can serve as an important resource. Being genuinely interested, asking the right questions and working hard makes you an appealing candidate for an opening within the company. If you play your cards right, and make solid connections, you may be asked to accept a full-time position. If that is not the case, you at least have a mentor that can pass down knowledge and possibly  write you a letter of recommendation.

Interning during your undergrad can save you a lot of time once you graduate. The benefit of interning gives you an opportunity to learn what you want in a potential job; the environment, the people, the location, the type of work, etc. Do you want to commute? Do you mind using public transportation? Do you want a big business? Even if you intern and you hate it, it gives you the chance to learn what you don’t want to do, and any opportunity relevant to your career gives you something to add to your resume.

What will set you apart from competitors will be the internships and experiences you have on your resume. Internships make you extremely competitive in the workplace because allows you to say that you have had real experience in the workplace. During an interview you will have real life examples to talk about because interning allows you to take your classroom experiences and see how they will apply in the workplace.

Some of the best advice I received my freshman year was to intern, and intern a few times before I graduate. It may seem hard, and you may not know where to begin but there are many resources colleges and universities offer to help you find the perfect internship!



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