Are you happy with your health?


55 brave college-aged students took a survey to test the health tips I talked about in my last post. The answers? Not so shocking-for the most part. Most students seem to run in the middle; they get the average amount of sleep, they sometimes tan in a tanning bed, and they rate their health, on a scale of 1 to 5, as a 3. So then why are 55.36% of college-aged students unhappy with their health?

Let’s go through the tips mentioned in last week’s post, and compare them to the students’ answers. The first, and maybe most obvious tip, mentioned keeping a healthy diet. The consensus amongst college students:


Only two students eat a healthy diet every day. What do they eat on the other days? Eating poorly results in feeling poorly. This is an indication of why more than half of students are not happy with their health at this age. The second tip was to exercise regularly, and regularly means at least 30 minutes each day. Out of the 55 students who participated in the survey, about one fifth answered to exercising every day. 40% exercise 1-2 times per week, but only three students exercise everyday.

The two easiest indicators of a healthy human, diet and exercise, are disappointing. Luckily, over 75% of students never use a tanning bed, 95% of students do not smoke regularly, and the majority of alcohol consumption is between zero and two days per week. Over half of participants get between six and eight hours of sleep each night, and 70% of participants use sun protection. College students are doing the right things, so then why are they unhappy?

The factors that college students answered the lowest to, diet and exercise, show immediate results. Skin protection, smoking and drinking are all factors that effect us later in life. Eating poorly and minimal exercise make us depressed. That’s why most students feel as though they are not currently happy with their health. Now that we know the issue, it shouldn’t be too difficult to fix!


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