Debate Recap

The first presidential debate was held last night and Hofstra University  had the honor of welcoming Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton into the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex. Americans, especially those of voting age tuned in to watch the showdown. If you, for some reason, were unable to tune in, here’s what you missed.

Americans are struggling. This is the first presidential debate that I can partake in and the candidates, for lack of a better word, suck. Young, independent voters,  or about 20% of the population, are not voting for the candidate who they think is better, but against the candidate who they think is worse. The debate had the potential to sway  one in five voters, but with Hillary and Trump playing the same games as always, I don’t think any swaying was done.

90 minutes, six segments, a two minute opening response – that’s supposed to be uninterrupted, followed by 15 minutes of discussion. A presidential debate has pretty straight forward rules. Lester Holt, an NBC news anchor who was tasked with monitoring the debate, was practically invisible. Trump interrupted Hillary 51 times during the 90-minute debate period, including during her 2-minute “uninterrupted” opening statements. Bottom line: Trump couldn’t follow the rules of the debate.

Watching Hillary smirk, and Trump say “WRONG” made me toss my hands in the air. Both candidates took their respected jabs: Trump is rich, Hillary is hiding emails, but the debate spent more time reiterating these issues than explaining how to create jobs, or prevent homegrown terrorist attacks. I felt myself growing frustrated, and a little nervous as the candidates had only discussed three issues and it was already 10 P.M.

Hillary spoke better. Maybe that’s because she has been prepping for the debate a little bit more than Trump – something that was also jabbed at during the debate.  Trump spoke about twice as much as Hillary, but Hill used her words more wisely.

The big question that everyone will be discussing in the next few days: Who won? ABC think Hillary won. CNN thinks Hillary won. Fortune thinks Hillary won.  Public polls think Trump won. We already know that Hillary is more put together, a better speaker and more predictable. She’s been doing it longer! The winner of the debate will be the candidate who swayed more voters. There were no record breaking discoveries last night, and I don’t think many of those young, independents have made up their minds about who to put down on the ballot in November.


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