Third time’s the charm: a look at how Hofstra security is preparing for the 2016 Presidential Debate

Hofstra University is making history as the first college to host three consecutive debates, and if you’re a student at the Hofstra, you’ve heard that said about 1,000 times. After Wright State University in Ohio dropped out mid-July, Hofstra has been preparing the campus for the thousands of news crew, security, politicians and students to take over campus on Monday, September 26, 2016.

There have been fences made, tents raised, platforms built, and parking lots closed. The other day, I was driving though campus and asked one my friends why it was necessary we have gates everywhere. She looked at me and simply answered: “To keep intruders out.” If you look closely, there is barbed wire on top of the fences Hofstra has put up, slightly intimidating for a girl from New Hampshire. This got me thinking: all of the hype and excitement aside, how safe is it, in this day and age, to host a presidential debate with two of the most controversial candidates?

Well, Hofstra has spent upwards of $5 million dollars in security preparations, and has spent $700,000 in security upgrades to surrounding areas. Hofstra Public Safety, Nassau County and Village of Hempstead Police Departments will bring in hundreds of additional law enforcement to assist in security needs next Monday. Students will only be allowed on campus, or on any of Hofstra’s transportation busses with proper Hofstra identification, and absolutely no guests are permitted in dorms beginning Wednesday, September 21.

This isn’t Hofstra’s first rodeo. The 2008 and 2012 debates have helped Hofstra prepare and somewhat expect how things will run this time around. I was at the gym last week and four black SUVs were illegally parked outside the fitness center, AKA secret service was getting a little tour of Hofstra’s amenities, how exciting! As a student who gets to be here and experience history, I for one, trust in Hofstra’s ability to keep things running smoothly and safely.



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